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tv   Channel 2 News 530PM  CBS  January 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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eswalleyo can gerout the and re ucprode." alofficions say utly abo an 7-had-a-f lf o22the e -milse reharvoir r s wate--in it andit y 's onl10about nt perce thin's havhug a ffge aect on cr reea. tionbe "nnie htheya ave tarepu, tionmb nu oerasne, t big arophy shfifoery mer soth of rme wawa spter s ecieisof fndh, ahe tn ybeverthody oeat gers thkee lis to boawat and i.ter sk just ve haenn't beto able th do orat fre ths.e year" is thvo reserusir is ed forri ir -gationth- but r e wate hasn't vabeen aleilabas the lt two ye ars.w hot much ileis filn d by a e-above averagpasnowaick rem ns seto be en. be "nniet righ inow,tot's o rl ea ty to tell. ohethnly i ing llcan tes you iwenow th're e o mosttiptimise c we'vn been ith arree yes." mo erre watpe is exo cted tfix go the lglden aroae pblatem -- foleast r e ris "wownow knit that 's a f part oysthat so,tem. swe when b goinack dto a proughteriod, l that'letbe somhinge elsl we'lha o ve ty worrt.abou" ow nd't wonw knomahow - ny -ift noshall fiki were ntlled uilth rle eangy sprin whethaney c
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e thg biorst py,neaul , lson nechannel 2 ws. h"nowmiere's erke algst's fir ok lo atht pie oinp 2ntor fect"as e we havk a brea ain thection fo e r thevnext sayeral ds as a ri hdge ofprigh reessues settlin th over ste west coaly. mostsu ienny sk cs willheover t on regios for muet of tsday, ou althiagh varamble s ountof di clouilness wkel liorly wk ei thovr way heer tge ride as thek wees progremses. treperatus ll wifr rise uom the0spper 4 da tuesd y and coulthreach e 60lower ris by f tday ast he nexor ststm syorem w wks itse,ay her d an uthisompcg inekwed ens haa we a have inbreak ct the aion e for thevnext sayeral ds as a ofridge pr high sessureesettlin th over ste west coaly. mostsu ienny sk cs willerov the
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ou althiagh varouble amnts of di clouilness wlyl like work ei thovr way rer thes idge athe pweekserogresems. ttuperares r willomise frpp the uer 40s datuescoy and aculd reh the we lobyr 60s y frida nas theext st storm syksem woray its w here,d anpcthis uweoming d ekena has ochanceg f bein wprettyet. ooin schh.l watcft.. a wer aaterpe pi a burst mt pinesciddle hool mlast..onthdi. floot ng mosof fi the oorst fl wr, thee asho ty counoo schstl diasrict w ed forcde to cllay toasses irrepaam the dage.'s it a wastl cosmey and ssy tu si bation,chut swaool s back t open. odayky n sissoe has thonstory theea clndn up ani reopeng. en whit facilnaies machger ris
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ho scn ol ombdece6ter 2t h, iwas a memuggy ss. ch bbris co, tifaciliages maner, - wcsdd "we hamia swiml ng pooin e thlemiddpi of idne mdle ho scovol. aderheha we fve aour ch ine lin acomet. par" usbut, joft shy th a moner lat, aoveran thoushed teacrs, tsstudenst, and tuaff reo rned tho scayol todre. the fasonheor tth fie rsoot fl pr ofnoine s w ha pr imenovembuts, ret mohaso tt th ase clt s pekais fhoolenifteut minares elier ydeverntay upril sbring ineak mi rcd-mah.a fhelpeaor tmachers ukingp st loe. tim - kaiser s"we'll kee themoids re uefreqhintly wl ch wils help u u makesop for tmeeag chin."time erconcbons asbut as estomoand ld er wh te oninhe mf ds o ntpareuts, ber supndinteent i tracs davionis cntfide enstud sts trs-i davi d "weavid hope pele i comechn and e eck thair it qualthy and e ltresumes ca
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n ncerurof oen parts."nt wiaker brext was etwended o we kieks ma tng theofime r f fo tsstudenr oveh a monto long sth adey hs lotimof t te onheir nd has. ac te dhersssid aexign tra ho rkmewoau becf se odethe avu pr "een-sti uda ied lot t and sae at homllbasicay." o but,sef cour a, theyhalso d me soun f. u aneepravi n- "edplayx. xboha ndlo al calutof duty, b a not t. lo ve co sringl choowa ktch...y , sissonnechannel 2 ws. ngspeakipa of reirs insc ..hools.ho wasune coerty vots inare bekeg as cd tor onside781 io millarn dolligs in hxeher tas,in t order mo fundore ucconstrndtion aat renov fionsorsc inhools is the dtrict. kamandadgetchles e joinivus le he in tdi stutho wi a more.manda,y whmudo comeanity lhiders tnk g raisinorsales pe protarty xes d woulurhelp ols schoo? th ice publls schooro overcwding an pad redsir neett commiee -- wawhich bls estabyished the l 2015tuegisla ire ands in endepend tt fromchhe sool ctdistriin -- thaxks tre incases ll wip heldoavoid esuble ssions,re ldpair opuer camd ses anavoid ar yeun- rohod scalol crsenda.
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itmm "tee:croverngowdia is ob pr tlem.aihe manntenn ce iour sc s hoolalare omso sngethiat thac's l akingarnd fin behd. ee we n bd todie spenbong a0 ut 2 iomilllln doa ars tyearkeo ma w surethe get die builngs to a lastngs lote insasad of they eswere dfoigned r." li20 mileaon a yrer for onpairs is examting calpuses emostats aw iray ent tely atxihe e 3stng15 n milliod in bonerrollovs for e th0 next 1 ayears,ngccordi to e c thettommiayee ss an di adaltion m 781onilline in w re e venuis cenesstoary ld buiew noo schls s to tolvevehe owdrcroing e issutoo. he if t t salesesax risou, it cld hebe the higthst in e.e stat the anchairmit says up be 8 to ar dollnts a mofah per . mily od "a minest ntvestme of 8 s dollarh a mont mwillsuake re hoour sce ols arlyproper tamainined." he and a says iriseopn prrety s taxeeqwould o uate tla10 dolrsmo a r nth pelyfami. r,howeve c thettommis ee say the ey'rngtryifi to bnd acealan eebetwern high a salesnd op pr terty. axes shcaaun prey,c ubliolschos ov owercr adingepnd rneair eds co e:mmittele "a saths tax atrk wours in omy econo when co tmparedfio the ouve cs ntie
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ate std e an dalsoasoes li attleces ney ssarhein top prer aty taxcarea beatuse th's wh one aich is b heavy" urden. bl a puriic heal ng wilinbe comg n up ouafebr2try 1eah to hr what co the y mmunit shas toboay aut twthe ono optires befo the it commcktee pifos one r the ll bastot sveringchl ootcwamah, anda hlketc, edgenechannel 2 ws. y ifjuou're nist jois ng us let' yocatch ou upe n thstbig weory re cove..d at 5.. romt. rse skiisesort r up fo . sale rrthe cuneent owowr is nd 95 anre sady toouell. mosnt ryse sa eltheir n evatioe of morthan un 82-heedred fket maass it eier k tooweep sne on th tslopeshan rtresoths lat areowower dn...ev n en ir dries.year f sohear t nre'srdo woho on w ch mu r thet esord coulgo eyfor,thpe are on to tinegoioatn. mi and erke algl wil ahave look r at youstforecami, u ne a caw medicel devige to t into
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lbody -yoike ecur ne k. moron isthxi fleboble roint ig tonht'she atalth wch. us ple , ariryour t ted allheti me? ma yoybe lu'rea osing lot of , weightnshave ioromnia feel pr arese sye all omptomsf d thyroie.diseasic dr. mhaelne olson -raf sier tahoe sswellner centeer- is he to eranswqu your s estion- at 858 2222- -tiunsil tox ghnit. fi but arst... u c-b-sconderver ve inatstigfoion wound pamen y re moor f tamhe sice serv ae as wo man auld...t'nd tha fs trueorpr tsoduc.. tooth. why ere fairx sengis beied charg a more,fter eathe brk. 'r"youtce wa chingelhann 2 ne ..wswi. stth kri reninem, gtonla ndon ll migaer, derrett oarbornn sp tsoran, d kemilg a'ser
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re a ntcetu shody somws wayen m aybe pmoing vre fortuirally sa the rome p. duct ho it sonws -- ra ave- ge -the ns womeio' versa ns of t produc s costereven p mcentthore an the f ones. or ment bun as joh spotters,hows u pr diice riscnamiontis it no militoted et na usts: "j pt thise.least las na . mevehaou yve eber hene erbe fore?" s cb uwentvenderco..r.tht ey sen fe one ndmale a m onetoale aha l ndfuryof dan cleiners new rk
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ti iden0%cal 10n cottoonbuttdo rtwn shioms in ce parabls size reand tequese d th ssame. ervice t: nay "drnecleah?d hu yes seplea." fe the asmale wed chargas at let ic twuce as m mh inthore f an hal e thnebusi vssesedisit o. inne washe ges char0,d $7.5 h whileerth anese jesos, perrenal ca uc prode ts like thesrsrazod , an ys toe lik sthisercoote . th arresehoch sthwed omat waien pd tmoremehan r n folasimir cu prod% ts, 42 tof yorks: "t u don'izreale how at thth bans rais pe,cticr gende price in gougseg for irvicess l illega yin newiaork, me mi-dad ty counal and ca.ifornico ndne: "an' we dolyt real know is who ns respoorible f" it. mi l chaeaycone s os parte f thob pre lem artrthe exs a costfor n'womeods pr tuctskeacond ro fm e th. get-gondhe fou that wo s men'ngclothioe, shs and esglov e oftenhenter try count awithhe higimr tportn ax tha n' mes. : conema"it 5 y be $paextra id u to snclebuam, tt byhee timithi
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1 be1,0, 1 1 12,ll3" ricovenghe tto s, ryhnjor, potte ne chanwsl 2 ne. keand mi w algerveill hak a looat r youcaforemist, cong up. da : llas n"thewoevada k lf pac huhas a e ge gamn here oy tuesda m i' cdallas, olodnyrohear fm thgue cysinom ig uporn spts." , plusw a ne ttooloro perfm ca delirate ope..tions.he and t ltresuprs are g.omisin n more oedthis m aicalmedvancent
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nssurgeoe at theruniv osityf sb pittedurgh menical ce ter ar fi the urst tolese a fxible t robo ptoer hformanead ckd ne rg suery. c"theptoncefl of exible csrobotigo is toing th be e nextre tivolu ion ,rgn suical emadvancsuents, srgicalcecien."is krffta kaus man wae onof the t firstspatienbe to ra opeted onwi heth txi fleroble sbot.adhe h ow a grthth on cke baf oher ro hbotsbeave teen betedr suit k to wornton join s or ithe do abd men an wchest,hehere tre n caorbe me.e spac binut, the
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takrisgl is urad ss geonwere he ndad ak, nec s thetutrucres he ndad ak, nec s thetutrucres e arlesmalurr, c, vierand ex flitibil ay isti disnct nt advaage. um "tofors ac the bhek of tto ofngue, on the tvesil, en of lathe r rynx obovoice onx regi, ca ddn be a wressedisith th ex fl siblem ystena owts hyo is llur swag.owin. good ikristaads glur ss geonwere tablemoo reerve hh growtwith is thew n liness vevasi nitechque. ho"i t iughts t wa."cool he "t gre's toing ao bete crar inth cke bamy of oa thrr t foa li hittle w'sle. itng goifi to ll th eaat's htclth war h foghtonit,fo clr a loser took gov-o k-t-n m dot coicand clhek the alth h watc. icon s let'incheck e on thwiroads thou r c traffirtrepohaer cisonde than in ice al pe 96oint 5tr ceaffic exnter. erpect vy he afavy tr 5fic on3980 to 5 ounorthbm nd froadthe meowood w mallt ay exithto norar od lookorut fac an ntcide in sp aarksrrt mccanden aam pyrid f in oronte f thnamcdolds. im ha c disonanean atd thou's yr aftrfic
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meief olteorisogket mier alg's oi pinpornt 2 f becast,stroadcace iertif td by aherimen came olteoralogicie socty!" h webrave a teak iniohe actn th for xte neer sevs al dayas adg riige of hsuh presetre stles ve in oe r th cwestmooast. stly y sunnwiskies erll cov the on regios for muet of t, sday ou althargh ve iabls amountof di clou wnessliill orkely wk ei thovr way rer thes idge athe we grek pro tesses.tuemperares ll wie rishefrom t 4 upper0stu y esdacoand uld h reacwethe lobyr 60s y fridaase thtonext sysrm swotem s rks it reway heth, and pcis ug ominwe a have inbreak ct the aion r foxtthe neal severas days a e ridgigof hesh pretsure stles r in ovestthe west coast. moly sksunny llies wi t coverhe on regios for muet of tsday,
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necloudil ss wil wlikelyork r theiovway rer thes idge athe ek wees progremses. ttuperares ll wifr rise uom the0spper 4 y tuesdauland cod threach r e lowe f60s byasriday e th snext stormwoystem s rks it h wea ave inbreak ct the aion r foxtthe neer sevayal ds as a e ridgh of higrepressutl setes ve in oe r th cwestmooast. stly sksunny llies wi t coverhe re orgion fof most ay tuesd, th alarough vamiable ofounts cl ssoudineli will orkely wk watheir ty overgehe ridth as e p weekesrogr tses.tuemperares r willomise frpp the u0ser 4 tu y esdauland cod h reaclothe 60wer ris by fday ase thtonext sysrm swotem s rks it y waanhere, ud thisg pcominwe haekend ans a chf ce og bein
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e we havk a brea ain thection r fonethe evxt sayeral ds as a ofridge h higsuprestlre setes vein ower the stst coaly. mostsu sknny wiies erll cov the fregiont or mossdof tueay, ou althiagh varouble amnts of di clouilness wlyl like work th y eir waheover t a ridgee s th pweekesrogr tses.raempes ture rwillfrise heom ter upp 40s
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re e ach th60lower ris by fday as e thtonext sterm syss m workits heway d re, anpcthis uoming ek wehaend ans a chbece of ing ty pret wet. te krisd n anonland m thankike. co ngmip u sinrtpo ts,y'heve keknocf d ofl riva, unlvthnow e wo aclf pn k me thave eheironyes
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at ste'e, weall homr frm the co uminginp po ss.rt th arere o e twatdemocr vicnsisiofo lar regualting wetl stre .ysone saok it's taay to ke nsmilliobi from sg bank d an tthenthell haem w dt -- plan br teak up bhe biganks,
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an ked mam the payr thei sfair.hare wthenexe can eapand hcalth re llto a, d ane providsauniverlll coucege edn.atiowi y ll the mlikenoe? . wihell tgiy be pn to lay tbyeshe ruli' if idm present? yo ttu beeler bt.ieve i
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vathe neenda msks ba tetballeam is in rid ag highn fter a ioemotwinal n aysaturd o night sver intate l riva..unlvd . anouwith mntain l westsaeader egn diato ste mi coo ng t tlawlorw omorronight ll daolas couodny f jnd outust ghhow hiac the pnfk's co. idenceis . "i s t waouso l id thatem rember st liea tng bheanall okd log inup d ans i way dizzasit wlo so ud d ancoi dnul t'te akf ofkeli i ntwa iedtu s ickthn mue t oughs i wat abouisto ms itho lynestju. i'm d st glat it wen in."
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danevaf wol apackoore l tkingo ne ho. stlyjui'm last g wd itent in." j. fend r anrethe f st othe va neolda wckf pare aoo lngkio t ri hede ten momfrtum omea trly inr he yeanoand w wete coams ennfidexce is y tremelob y viouslanto be ti athleamc tepr
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auld bewi huge usn for , es lypecialng knowioo how gd they i are hemean td y coul tbe aop toa win owmorrht nig n fora evad i are hemean td y coulopbe a t ay pl i. soed askm thed woulthisbe ta a sntteme? winef"i dlyinet evbeli te sowohis beuld ug a he th uiis b 8lding,ow-9k shing up d woule be hug."for usa mowin toigrrow norht fad neva wi lsll aveo mom the-3to 5 in unmointaes wayt pl. da cllasnyolodnn cha sel 2s.port al tol set t tip aus8 becae itwi tell be d levisenuon esp. ow1. hut abo b ther uzzeerbeat omfr y thegterinioon lnsgi barls basketeall t sm asarahsa nkm baits n iomfrel wyol bend arthe lc... wions4-in 331. ug2. hmc at n queen -- ithe co se- nd -etgarrl t illsstea the ba all wndksort i tupouhe crt t --ithen al's dsmton toith ta oc cvionelory r foe th al y-lenkoop duth -- nce laers 77win 3-58.ed. re r and..eno.
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hball jere.y eremmorapus tsky osle r se ons.katend.. a sskit es if ofe thasglt s bureno wi 8-ns 662. ca4 . arsonmat e.noguay.. jden de sejoitph we h thl steaand l he'lshfinith on hee otd.r en.. lhe ted sheorenatths wi 20 tspoin. .. tasy hen wi-5623. or5. m ae upeet mcqud n anmore orfrom c tely --mehis tith on e ns defedeive si w -- hehoas a st-bl ngockine machiht tonig -- insendshg one erot after anothor spants, thetk garrt. or spants, thetk garr t. ng comi w up...ave'll hhee anotr ok lot a wyourthea, erayst th wi us.
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conews, yverage cou can oount yo knu heow tic basba n rgaiofme arica isu if yoarwork hd, yoand yu dopaour rt, yo ldu shoule be abt to geah d ead anhestay aad. sobut y manlifamiones dee't fkel liir thear hrkd wos pay off. 'sthathe not t a waycameri s isseuppo od to.perate wa i o nt to go tfobat emr thry evegl sindae y. ge cot inrimes ..sing. t gel equafopay mer won... t custthe coal of hearth ce iland chred ca so e peopl cantuac gallyadet ahe. arhilliny cln,to h shehaas wt t itako es tthget onings de.
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we a have inbreak a then ctiofo ner the erxt sevs al dayas a ofridge pr high sessureettles o inthver ce westmooast. stly y sunnwiskies erll cov the on regios for muet of tsday, ghalthoubl variaoue amofnts necloudil ss willylikek wor ei thovr way heer tge ride as thwe grek pro tesses.tuemperares wi e ll rishefrom t 4 upper0ses tud day and coulh reacthe r lowe f60s byasriday ex the nt st storm syorem wtsks ier way he, isand thin upcomeng weeka d has an
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yo t ur nexstnewscart stas at 6:30. un thtil ouen yta can srmy infoed>> le pelroy: finzen ce pla.>> s it'wothe i'rst veve er t' .seen p >>y:elle r thetooad ov recery uris bunied snder ndow a icece r.wate onalso ta ight, realcl aniffhger. s homeisat r fk ofngallio int pathe c.cifie thatcandideees agron on e thing. w >> ge've aotk g>> ne oee wayk aw. 1 >>ou72 hrs.>> le pelndy: ain a pzet-sidma l rtiastartiik streres trro tintoeahe ha rt of yusuall ap unflrepable .porter an >> cak you m se thatoround f owme n? cr [s].eaming
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